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Time & Attendance System Information

This Time & Attendance System (TAS) software helps HR & Admin department to maintain attendance of all designed employee. This software helps you get accurately the First IN Time (FO), Last OUT Time (LO), Total Duty Time (TDT), Late Come (LC) and Advance Come (AC) of all employees or a particular employee. You can also get the information according to Department, Section, and Designation etc. This software also helps you to get Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or a particular date range wise attendance of a particular employee or all employees. This report helps Accounts department for Monthly Salary. This software also helps you to maintain Casual, Medical, Earned, Tour, Card Absent, Holiday, Force, Duty off & Maternity Leave of a particular employee. This software helps you to maintain all kinds of Holiday of a particular year.

Key Features

  1. List of Leave Category
  2. List of Holiday
  3. List of Shift
  4. List of Roster
  5. Attendance List
  6. Individual Attendance Summary Sheet
  7. Monthly Attendance Summary Sheet
  8. Monthly Attendance Summary Sheet Date wise
  9. List of Monthly Absent Newly Joined/Lefty / Resign
  10. List of Working Holidays
  11. List of OT
  12. Monthly OT Summary Sheet
  13. List of Holidays Duty
  14. Holiday Duty Summary Sheet
  15. List of Holidays (W/H or G/H) Duty
  16. Holiday (W/H or G/H) Duty Summary Sheet
  17. List of Lunch Out
  18. Lunch Out Summary Sheet
  19. Monthly Leave Summary

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