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Inventory With Sales System Software Information

This IMS-Pro helps small or large business to maintain the Stock, Purchase and Sale process. This inventory system also holds the Party Payment Transaction with Customer, Party and own business Employee Management System. An individual product is kept by using Barcode Device that will help you to get the proper data of your business.

Key Features

  1. List of Chart of Items
  2. Stock Status of all items
  3. Safety Stock /Buffer Stock
  4. Statement of Purchase Order
  5. Statement of Purchase
  6. Statement of Sales
  7. Stock Status (Damage Items)
  8. Statement of Damage Items
  9. Sales Statement of Damage Items
  10. Ledger Supplier
  11. Statement of Supplier Due
  12. Ledger Customer
  13. Statement of Customer Due
  14. Monthly Statement
  15. Sale Summary

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