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5 trends that will dominate digital in 2018

The MVP (minimal viable product) approach has been around for a while now but we’re expecting to see its adoption accelerate in 2018, becoming the widely accepted way that digital is done. So why will this year be the tipping point?

This iterative, continuous approach also means we only build things that work, as the success of every iteration can be measured, and the user data then determines the development path. The rigour of continuous releases removes much of the risk from the launch process and keeps the technical platform stable – as well as being easy to roll back in case of error.

Without a doubt, more businesses will start to adopt this approach in 2018, especially as more brands and agencies share their success stories. It will be difficult to ignore the benefits this offers.

The temptation is to replace what is there, in its entirety, in one release. This will often coincide with a completely revamped customer experience. However, this comes with considerable risk to businesses that rely on websites to acquire new customers and support old ones.


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